When the exclusive design meets the most advanced technology
Sir Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls-Royce, once said: "Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it".

MySommelier is the result of a dream come true of an italian entrepreneur who was looking for a device that could store wine, even for long periods, at the right serving temperature, be esthetically beautiful and that could mainly be customized. After months of unsuccessful research this ingenious entrepreneur decides to realize it with his own hands following Henry Royce's saying: "when it does not exist, design it". Strong of his experience in high technology he decides to design and manufacture a device capable of offering a complete solution to all his needs. MySommelier was thus born.

The perfect blend of the finest italian design and the most advanced technologies make MySommelier the best choice for storing and displaying your most precious and exclusive wines.   MySommelier can satisfy each and every single style demand. The shell can be "dressed" in any material: from selected precious woods to fine leather, to stainless steel or carbon fibre, to even gold-leaf.   MySommelier is the most exclusive wine storage system. It can be customized to suit everyone's needs and requests. It takes on special dimensions and particular shapes that can be adapted to any necessity or request.
MySommelier base version is produced with three separate independent temperature zones that go up to eight totally customized zones in the most exclusive models. It is possible to control and modify the storage temperature with an exclusive App (application) directly from your tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.   MySommelier can offer up to eight independent temperature zones, totally customized, with the possibility to implement, as an optional, the management of two "thermoheated" zones that will rapidly bring to the serving temperature one or more of your great red wines. Differently from any other cold storage system, MySommelier is not simply based on temperature stratification. Each bottle lies in its cloud of conditioned air. With its unique technology it keeps the wine zone with the programmed temperature. Furthermore, the exclusive integrated management application offers the possibility to consult the list and the characteristics of the stored wines.   MySommelier is equipped with a led lighting system designed to light the wine cells with a scenic effect without influencing the storage temperature of the wines. Thanks to the use of rgb-led lighting, managed by the exclusive program, the scenic light background can be easily varied in any iris color with a simple touch on the tablet's application.